Definition of studded in US English:



  • Decorated or augmented with studs.

    ‘a studded leather belt’
    • ‘Glare ice is nearly impossible to ride on with any bike, but studded tires make it easier than walking.’
    • ‘All studded jewellery comes in 18 carat gold.’
    • ‘The studded tires got some good testing on the iced over unpaved roads and performed well.’
    • ‘You know that punk isn't all about studded jackets and mohawks.’
    • ‘Studded belts, leather dresses and rigid white shirts were worn by models with trance-like facial expressions and severe angular wigs.’
    • ‘The same goes for bikes, as far as I'm concerned, and in February, that means one thing: studded snow tires.’
    • ‘For her final day of community service at New York's sanitation department she wore a diamante studded gown.’
    • ‘She's in very utilitarian studded leather armor with a small buckler.’
    • ‘He is wearing a trucker cap and a black studded dog collar.’
    • ‘Today men are beginning to buy jewelry for themselves, such as chains, diamond rings, watches, bracelets and diamond studded earrings.’
    • ‘She wants to buy you sensible sweaters and knee-length skirts, while you're dying to express your inner diva with halter tops and studded jeans.’
    • ‘For London Fashion Week Jodie Kidd models a diamond-studded dress worth 800,000 dollars.’
    • ‘Arches hide studded oak doors, twisted iron grilles, smooth door lintels with faint carvings of faces, tools, dates.’
    • ‘At that time a £ 43,000 Jaguar XJS stood outside his home and he sported a diamond studded watch which he said cost £ 37,000.’
    • ‘Of course, no all-weather tire will be as good on ice as winter and studded (usually illegal) tires.’
    • ‘In order to generate grip on the icy gravel roads, all cars run on skinny studded snow tyres that bite through snow into the harder surfaces underneath.’
    • ‘A hip travel companion, this studded leather carry-on bag by World According to Jess is compartmentalized for stashing all your essentials.’
    • ‘The soldiers wear studded leather cloaks for protection and metal helmets.’
    • ‘The massed ranks of punks all echoing back, ' yes, we're all individuals ' in identical boots, combats, studded leathers.’
    • ‘We chose to run with studded tyres as it was clear there was going to be a lot of snow around.’