Definition of stubble in English:



  • 1The cut stalks of grain plants left sticking out of the ground after the grain is harvested.

    • ‘The adult birds have also suffered losses because of the loss of winter stubble fields and the use of herbicides.’
    • ‘Fields planted into soybean stubble last fall were challenged by dry conditions and difficulty getting proper drill penetration.’
    • ‘No one has worked the fields of corn stubble west and south of there.’
    • ‘Corn stubble is not a preferred egg laying site.’
    • ‘Small plants, shorter than the wheat stubble, can produce viable seeds.’
    • ‘After harvesting the stubble would be set on fire which also killed new mallee shoots.’
    • ‘However, it did manage to spread to a neighbouring hedgerow and stubble field.’
    • ‘Severe head scab may develop when planting wheat no-till into corn stubble.’
    • ‘Turnips were broadcast-seeded following one disk tillage of wheat stubble in late July.’
    • ‘Are many of these shoots two or three inches taller than your usual stubble height?’
    • ‘The trial was conducted in glyphosate resistant soybeans and in post winter wheat harvest stubble.’
    • ‘The practice of burning stubble in the cereal region also increased soil exhaustion.’
    • ‘The striking sight of big black bales in silage stubble fields is welcome in this difficult year.’
    • ‘No-till planting into wheat stubble was the key to these excellent yields.’
    • ‘These ancient communities of grayish and straw-yellow stone are as mellow as the fields of stubble after harvest.’
    • ‘Wheat seeded into soybean stubble last fall looks thin because of late planting into dry conditions.’
    • ‘The southeast plots were planted no-till into soybean stubble two out of the three years.’
    • ‘The length of this regrowth period depends on the remaining stubble height and growing conditions.’
    • ‘I had to plow all the wheat stubble in order to establish my cover crops.’
    • ‘I could only probe the top two feet of soil in dryland soybean and corn stubble fields that have not been tilled.’
    stalks, straw
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    1. 1.1 Short, stiff hairs growing on a man's face when he has not shaved for a while.
      • ‘Mr. Rider suddenly stood by his side, rubbing his dark stubble.’
      • ‘He merely looked contemplatively up into the ceiling as he casually scratched the stubble on his face.’
      • ‘Moving up his cheek, she could feel some rough stubble of his unshaven face.’
      • ‘He had short black hair and stubble, and was wearing a black cotton jacket with black trousers and white trainers.’
      • ‘His curly dark brown hair was a little longer then most guys and he had slight stubble on his chin.’
      • ‘He ran his hand over his head, feeling the slight stubble.’
      • ‘She giggled when their noses touched and the short stubble of his facial hair tickled her face.’
      • ‘He'd shaved away his stubble, but he looked tired and pale.’
      • ‘He had rough stubble on his face and had a shaved head with dark hair about half a centimetre long.’
      • ‘Bill is quite swarthy, and generally has a few days growth of designer stubble on his face.’
      • ‘Carl dropped his eyes to the floor and rubbed the stubble on his chin.’
      • ‘He scratched the stubble on his cheek, drinking in every centimeter of her.’
      • ‘He gazed into the mirror and saw a haggard face with a light stubble growing on the chin.’
      • ‘He rode alone on a side road; his strong chin had grown a good black stubble.’
      • ‘He is of medium build and has dark brown hair and stubble.’
      • ‘He also had slight stubble on his chin, as if he hadn't shaved that day.’
      • ‘He wears tee shirts and a designer stubble and is always two steps ahead of himself.’
      • ‘He folded his arms and shook his head while he stroked the small stubble growing on his chin.’
      • ‘No wonder I need a shave, Graham mused, rubbing his beard stubble with his free hand.’
      • ‘Running her hands over the stubble of beard on his face, Laurie felt her eyes brimming.’
      bristles, whiskers, designer stubble, hair, facial hair, beard
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Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French stuble, from Latin stupla, stupula, variants of stipula ‘straw’.