Definition of Stryker in US English:


(also Stryker Armored Vehicle)


  • An eight-wheeled armored vehicle used by the Army with defense capabilities similar to those of a tank, but with greater mobility and fewer logistical requirements.

    • ‘Then, even further back, were another two hundred men, all battle-hardened, and each one looked almost as strong a Stryker.’
    • ‘The company-level mortar platoon cannot range to cover all three dispersed platoons in a Stryker company.’
    • ‘In November 2003, the Stryker entered operational service with the US Army when a Stryker brigade landed in Kuwait.’
    • ‘A non-commissioned officer from the Old Guard and a Stryker Brigade soldier won this year's NCO and Soldier of the Year competition.’
    • ‘If you are assigned to a Stryker brigade combat team, advise your command and send us your recommendations.’
    • ‘Noteworthy was the lack of organic mobility and firepower of the airborne brigade, unlike a Stryker brigade equipped with the Mobile Gun System.’
    • ‘Both would have a Stryker Mobile Gun System battalion that could air-land to provide additional firepower when needed.’
    • ‘In a separate incident, they took out a Stryker transport vehicle, but did not cause any casualties.’
    • ‘Three Stryker crewmen were killed, back in December, when a Stryker rolled over when part of the dirt embankment underneath it collapsed.’
    • ‘The Army plans to move 800 soldiers to the isles for a Stryker brigade, while millions of dollars in infrastructure upgrades are in the pipeline.’
    • ‘Today, the toughest job in our Army is a Stryker rifle company commander.’
    • ‘Grafenwöhr, near the border with Czechoslovakia, will be the home base for a Stryker brigade, according to Bell.’
    • ‘At least one soldier who served in both says, while the M113 might be better than a lightly armored Humvee, it still doesn't compare to a Stryker.’
    • ‘Throughout the 2-year conversion to a Stryker Brigade, the toughest part of Transformation was fighting an inflexible bureaucratic system.’
    • ‘The first one happened about two hours earlier, and it came near a Stryker.’


Named for two different veterans of earlier wars who shared the surname Stryker.