Definition of structural steel in US English:

structural steel


  • Strong mild steel in shapes suited to construction work.

    • ‘Concrete offers shorter lead times for start-up of construction than does structural steel, which has long waits for special ordered shapes.’
    • ‘In my opinion support steel for process plant is quite different from structural steel.’
    • ‘Unlike Gehry's Experience Music Project in Seattle, this building's metal skin sits directly on structural steel members.’
    • ‘The structural steel contains 77 percent post-consumer and 18 percent post-industrial recycled content.’
    • ‘Electrical interference and structural steel found in urban environments may effect the use of the aiming circle and communications.’
    • ‘However, structural steel shapes will have a weaker price recovery than other steel products, says Anton.’
    • ‘The building had been designed for structural steel, but steel was unavailable.’
    • ‘The high-carbon spring steel has a higher yield strength and tensile strength than the medium-carbon structural steel.’
    • ‘Because the job was fast-tracked, the library applied for a concrete permit before structural steel design was complete.’
    • ‘Since original construction occurred in the early 20th century, all structural steel connections were riveted.’
    • ‘His expertise lies in structural analysis and design, structural steel design, and numerical analysis of non-linear and inelastic systems.’
    • ‘With structural steel construction, the addition of reinforced concrete cores and shear walls greatly dampens the amount of sway.’
    • ‘Further speculation has concerned the adequacy of the fire suppression system, the fireproofing of structural steel, and the exiting stairwells.’
    • ‘Rinker Hall's structural steel, metal wall panels, drywall, and ceiling systems will all be recyclable at the end of the building's lifetime.’
    • ‘It is light in mass, yet some of its alloys have strengths greater than that of structural steel.’
    • ‘During the day, the exposed structural steel and specially perforated stainless steel fins act as reflective sun louvers.’
    • ‘The table is constructed of two structural steel beams that rest on the jack mounts on either side of the table, connected by steel trusses.’
    • ‘They also produce HSLA steels and structural steel grades for those applications that require specified strength levels.’
    • ‘High-rise office buildings in New York City historically have been constructed of structural steel.’
    • ‘Reinforcing bar prices made the first move last spring while structural steel prices began moving up in the fourth quarter of 2003.’


structural steel

/ˈstrək(t)SH(ə)rəl stēl/