Definition of structural linguistics in US English:

structural linguistics

plural noun

  • treated as singular The branch of linguistics that deals with language as a system of interrelated structures, in particular the theories and methods of Leonard Bloomfield, emphasizing the accurate identification of syntactic and lexical form as opposed to meaning and historical development.

    • ‘Ricoeur relies frankly on Kant in this discussion, which brings together Freud, structural linguistics and semantic theory.’
    • ‘N. Troubetzkoy, the illustrious founder of structural linguistics, himself furnished the answer to this question.’
    • ‘I am particularly intrigued with the idea of connecting the Olsen twins to structural linguistics.’
    • ‘Dubnick stresses Stein's anticipations of the structural linguistics of Roland Barthes and Roman Jakobson.’
    • ‘The last is the subject of Ferrari's long-anticipated study, which applies the model of structural linguistics to the interpretation of Athenian vase painting.’


structural linguistics

/ˈstrək(t)ʃ(ə)rəl lɪŋˈɡwɪstɪks//ˈstrək(t)SH(ə)rəl liNGˈɡwistiks/