Definition of struck joint in US English:

struck joint


  • A masonry joint in which the mortar between two courses of bricks is sloped inward so as to be flush with the surface of one but below that of the other.

    • ‘Other common types include struck joints and weather struck joints, made by running the edge of a trowel along the joint.’
    • ‘A struck joint is generally used on the internal face of walls, and is finished to this shape as the work proceeds.’
    • ‘We match existing color and brick type as close as possible and perform standard flush joint or struck joint on request.’
    • ‘Glass blocks can't be cut with a wet saw or any other method, and filling the struck joints with grout like John says looks really nice.’
    • ‘The long narrow pieces of this stone have been cut into horizontal fissures by very deeply struck joints of uneven width.’
    • ‘We are using a buff mortar and a concave struck joint.’
    • ‘We had these tools made in varying thickness to accommodate the struck joint line on several buildings.’
    • ‘For example, striking may be specified as including bagging of struck joints after the joint mortar has stiffened.’
    • ‘If it is struck on an angle with some of the joint removed, it is a struck joint.’
    • ‘Tooled bucket handle or weather struck joints are the most appropriate for exposed areas.’
    • ‘The shallow weathered and struck joints on the interior masonry surface can be explained by the intent to plaster the walls later.’