Definition of strop in English:



  • 1A device, typically a strip of leather, for sharpening straight razors.

    • ‘This can be done by rubbing away surplus metal with a grindstone, whetstone, oilstone, steel, ceramic rod, leather strop or the palm of your hand.’
    • ‘First there are the six years, age six to twelve, of being beaten severely once a week with a razor strop by his ex-soldier father.’
    • ‘Dad was one that when he got mad at us, he hit us with a razor strop.’
    • ‘He taught his sons the Bible and beat them with a razor strop.’
    • ‘My father was typical - he didn't hesitate taking the razor strop to me.’
    • ‘That segued into a series of small sounds: another drawer opening and closing, the little splash of water and the quick slapping of a razor against a strop a time or two.’
    1. 1.1Nautical A rope sling for handling cargo.
      • ‘The pilot ejected and Newcastle's sea boat was launched to help the aviator, arriving in time to help him into the winch strop of a Soviet rescue helicopter.’
      • ‘Our feet were jammed into strops, our hands wrapped around canvas handles.’
      • ‘AB Troy Norris from HMAS Coonawarra Naval Stores lowers the strops from a crane.’
      • ‘‘Unfortunately we couldn't get him into the strop because of his injuries,’ he said.’
      • ‘Having arrived at the payload you can begin to rig the lift using either rope or the supplied attachment strops.’


  • Sharpen on or with a strop.

    ‘he stropped a knife razor-sharp on his belt’
    • ‘We'll do that by stropping, which work hardens this tiny filament and breaks it off.’
    • ‘We stropped our straight razors, brandished horsehair wands.’
    • ‘He'd seen her often in the past weeks: in the morning as he stropped his razor, in the evening as he wrung dingy water from his satin gloves.’
    sharpen, whet, make sharp, make sharper, hone, file, strop
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Late Middle English (in the sense thong also as a nautical term): probably a West Germanic adoption of Latin stroppus thong.