Definition of strong suit in English:

strong suit


  • 1(in bridge) a holding of a number of high cards of one suit in a hand.

    • ‘If partner indicated only one strong suit you must begin with your highest card of that suit.’
    • ‘The most important signals are discards to indicate to partner which is your own strong suit, and leads to indicate the strength of your trumps.’
    benefit, advantage, blessing, good point, strong point, strength, forte, talent, gift, long suit, virtue, recommendation, attraction, attractive feature, selling point, resource, beauty, boon, value, merit, bonus, aid, help
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    1. 1.1 A desirable quality that is particularly prominent in someone's character or an activity at which they excel.
      ‘compassion is not Jack's strong suit’
      • ‘His decision-making was never considered a strong suit, but arm strength always got him by.’
      • ‘This will force Marion into man-to-man coverage situations - not his strong suit - which turns the Dolphins' safety into a liability.’
      • ‘Patience not being my strong suit, I decided to investigate.’
      • ‘For Beam at least, lyrical specificity isn't just a strong suit, it's sometimes a saving grace.’
      • ‘And what's left isn't exactly your strong suit.’
      • ‘Events move at a clip with nary a concern for geographic continuity - which is strange, as this is often the strong suit of such films.’
      • ‘But now I am middle aged, and memorization is not my strong suit anymore.’
      • ‘At 115 lb, downhill momentum isn't exactly my strong suit either.’
      • ‘What I meant was that diplomacy is not your strong suit.’
      • ‘But caution has never been my strong suit, so I got right to the point in our one-on-one meeting in his office.’
      • ‘‘Management just simply isn't his strong suit,’ he said.’
      • ‘I was a decent father, but domestic life was not my strong suit.’
      • ‘‘Aerodynamics is not our strong suit,’ Rudd says.’
      • ‘Fact checking hasn't been our strong suit lately, as you have seen.’
      • ‘That means he'll be able to concentrate on his strong suit: coaching.’
      • ‘For all its good points, listening to customers has not been a strong suit of Sturm.’
      • ‘Unfortunately for Kaia, off-the-cuff sympathy was not her strong suit.’
      • ‘This also tells your partner what your strong suit is so he can play to it.’
      • ‘Quality control is not the strong suit of pirates.’
      • ‘Sarcasm has never been your strong suit, Carmon.’
      forte, strong point, strength, métier, long suit, talent, skill, bent, gift, claim to fame, department, pièce de résistance
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