Definition of strong-smelling in US English:



  • Having a powerful smell.

    ‘strong-smelling cheeses’
    • ‘It has to be tightly wrapped and kept away from strong-smelling foods.’
    • ‘Mothballs release a strong-smelling chemical into the air and in some cases are not good for humans to be around.’
    • ‘Most species of fish find this strong-smelling concoction irresistible.’
    • ‘Perfumes of any sort, including strong-smelling toilet soaps, should be avoided since the fragrance is carried far by breeze.’
    • ‘Musk, a strong-smelling secretion produced by the glands of Asia's musk deer, has been used in perfumes and the traditional medicine of China and its neighbors for 5,000 years or more.’
    • ‘Avoid wearing strong-smelling, heavy cologne or perfume.’
    • ‘It is thought that they use their strong-smelling musk secretion to mark out territories.’
    • ‘It is made of bread, pine nuts and strong-smelling preserved tofu, or bean curd.’
    • ‘All around me, families were unpacking parcels of strong-smelling food, wrapped in newspaper and cloth, and my stomach was rumbling.’
    • ‘The taste reminded them of ammonia, a strong-smelling substance.’
    • ‘Increasingly homeowners are taking measures to deter unwelcome foxes, such as using strong-smelling repellents and devices that cause garden hoses to spray water when an animal approaches.’
    • ‘Although you probably know it as a strong-smelling disinfectant or as a purifier used in drinking water and swimming pools, chlorine is a choking agent that's corrosive to the skin and eyes, causing burns and blurred vision.’
    • ‘Formaldehyde is a colorless, strong-smelling gas.’
    gamy, smelly
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