Definition of strip poker in US English:

strip poker


  • A form of poker in which a player with a losing hand takes off an item of clothing as a forfeit.

    • ‘I heard they're playing strip poker in the mess.’
    • ‘Last I saw, she was playing strip poker with a couple of soldiers.’
    • ‘‘No… I had a dream that we were playing strip poker,’ he said.’
    • ‘Let's just be thankful they weren't playing strip poker.’
    • ‘Mostly we would watch movies, read comic books and play strip poker.’
    • ‘We see characters playing strip poker, but there is no nudity.’
    • ‘There is, after all, little fun to be had in watching exhibitionists play strip poker.’
    • ‘Julie votes for strip poker but Blaze insists on no.’
    • ‘Wer had been playing cards and drinking and we started playing strip poker.’
    • ‘Does anyone know where I can find people in Montreal who like to play strip poker every once in awhile?’
    • ‘Once again, Mask and Cat had nixed the plan for strip poker, and the guys had groused and groaned but accepted it reluctantly.’
    • ‘It was a bad idea because there was a game of strip poker going on in there.’
    • ‘He looked over at Karissa and Mike, who were now playing strip poker.’
    • ‘You only want him to be an athlete so he'll be a good sport when it comes to strip poker.’
    • ‘Truth or dare is one I was forced to play all the time in middle school, and strip poker is another tasteful one.’
    • ‘Gabby makes an utter fool of himself playing strip poker with some Mexican federales, and yet still manages to bust Brass out of jail.’
    • ‘I laughed as I realized she was the one who wanted to play strip poker.’
    • ‘We finish with strip poker, get naked, put our pyjamas back on and then snuggle up and are asleep by 10.’
    • ‘They made up an excuse about losing the pants to Dill in a game of strip poker played with matches.’
    • ‘I had to play strip poker against the other flat.’


strip poker

/strip ˈpōkər/