Definition of string bikini in US English:

string bikini


  • A scant bikini with straps of thin cord.

    • ‘She was wet, of course, and had on a black string bikini.’
    • ‘Shaylee was wearing a dark purple string bikini that only covered the parts of her that needed coverage.’
    • ‘She was in a 2-piece string bikini, lounging on a lounge chair, with dark sunglasses on.’
    • ‘It was a string bikini, with triangle top and small bottom.’
    • ‘Just about every other woman, no matter what age or size, proudly wore the skimpiest string bikini.’
    • ‘Jess chose a high cut black one piece, that accentuated her tan, Cassie a bright orange string bikini.’
    • ‘Come on, Greg, Hannah's wearing a string bikini today, and she's never met these people at all.’
    • ‘A large, elderly woman in a string bikini was sleeping on a blanket, legs all twisted up under her.’
    • ‘Nicole Eisenman's ink-on-paper work The Largest Woman, for instance, depicts a muscle-bound blonde in a red string bikini flexing her biceps.’
    • ‘She was wearing a red string bikini, with black shorts.’
    • ‘Upon further inspection, I realized it was a string bikini.’
    • ‘Beard surprised the old guard by appearing for FHM magazine with her hair swept back and wearing only a white string bikini.’
    • ‘Nicole went to her suitcases and pulled out a pink and white string bikini.’
    • ‘She found a very scandalous string bikini, her eyes grew wide.’
    • ‘She had efficiently done all the preopening press turns, even appearing in the popular men's magazine Maxim clad only in a string bikini.’
    • ‘On the other hand, a string bikini would be really sexy on a good figure.’
    • ‘I decide that the woman in the pink string bikini on the display board picture looks a little too muscular.’
    • ‘‘It's nice, but you should show off your body some more,’ Hannah remarked, taking a string bikini off of the rack.’
    • ‘Even the string bikini is striking with its stitched and pleated color-block panels.’
    • ‘‘Oh, darn,’ a boy behind me muttered, ‘there goes my string bikini.’’