Definition of Strine in US English:


(also strine)


  • 1The English language as spoken by Australians; the Australian accent, especially when considered striking or uneducated.

    • ‘On this week's program, Bruce Shapiro explains and demonstrates the differences between speaking Strine and Speaking American.’
    • ‘Today's interesting URL is the blog of a paramedic, or in Strine, an Ambo.’
    • ‘I must tell you about this because I took a little break in Penang and these nine ladies were having breakfast, and it was pure Strine.’
    • ‘What knowledge I possess of the intricacies of Strine may fairly be blamed on this small volume.’
    1. 1.1 An Australian.


  • Relating to Australians or Australian English.

    ‘he spoke with a broad Strine accent’
    • ‘The only difference was that the American update came as an ‘embassy notice’ while ours was its Strine equivalent, an ‘embassy bulletin’.’
    • ‘I bought it because it's Strine, because it's reasonably priced, and because it doesn't seem to have any inherently emetic properties.’
    • ‘Ex-Tampa families will soon have Strine accents and vocabularies.’


1960s: representing Australian in Strine.