Definition of striker plate in US English:

striker plate


  • A metal plate attached to a doorjamb or lidded container, against which the end of a spring-lock bolt strikes when the door or lid is closed.

    • ‘Unscrew the two small screws holding the striker plate on your door frame to see what is protecting you and your family from potential intruders.’
    • ‘I can tell you that the newer striker plates can mate with an old latch, but not perfectly.’
    • ‘A friend of the homeowners made a temporary repair by replacing the striker plates and securing them with drywall screws.’
    • ‘The new striker plate is thicker than the old, but I reused the shims that were under the old one.’
    • ‘The use of cold rolled steel for the striker plate is recommended.’
    • ‘Most often, striker plates have to be moved up or down, but the process is the same for moving it in or out.’
    • ‘This metal striker plate is a good replacement for many entrance doors.’
    • ‘The aperture further defines an integral striker bar that extends along two sides of the striker plates.’
    • ‘With the added weight of the tire, it may be necessary to make a final adjustment to the striker plate.’
    • ‘The rim lock is aligned with the striker plate using the paper-fixing template provided.’
    • ‘The holes that are drilled in the door and the inset for the striker plates will match.’
    • ‘Decide how much slack you want and add that amount to get the position of the striker plate.’
    • ‘Do your doors have security features such as door viewers, deadbolt locks, reinforced striker plates and hinge attachments?’
    • ‘The recesses that are left from the removal of the hinges and striker plate now need to be filled.’