Definition of striker in US English:



  • 1An employee on strike.

    • ‘The hunger strikers are demanding compensation and medical benefits for all the affected workers.’
    • ‘The strikers say that employees of Harvard get more money.’
    • ‘The strikers are employees of construction companies brought in to build a zinc refinery on the premises.’
    • ‘While the strikers walk the picket lines, more than 20 employees have decided to continue working.’
    • ‘A group of women on the picket line symbolised the strikers ' militant mood.’
    • ‘The strikers demanded a reduction in working hours and improved benefits and working conditions.’
    • ‘Our strike is solid, with around two thirds of strikers attending picket lines.’
    • ‘Eleven of the hunger strikers have already been admitted to the hospital.’
    • ‘Instead of a picket line, the strikers will volunteer at nursing homes and community centers across the province.’
    • ‘There are now only 100 strikers left on the picket line.’
    • ‘As the strike went on, a carnival atmosphere developed on the picket line, with strikers blowing French-style horns.’
    • ‘Norton and other strikers extended their picket lines to other areas of the state, where they say they've found a sympathetic public.’
    • ‘The victory included the reinstatement of five sacked strikers and payment of full wages.’
    • ‘Despite rainy weather, strikers picketed the company's head office in central Colombo.’
    • ‘A boss has the right to sack strikers after eight weeks on strike.’
    • ‘Under New Labour's legislation, employers can legally sack strikers after eight weeks.’
    • ‘Two of the hunger strikers have already fallen ill and have had been hospitalised.’
    • ‘The strikers picketed the post office and demanded improved security when carrying out deliveries.’
    • ‘They struck on Tuesday of last week, when many strikers joined the picket line, and were due out again this Thursday.’
    • ‘Conversation halted on the picket line as the strikers waited to catch a glimpse of their temporary replacements.’
    demonstrator, protester, objector, picketer
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  • 2The player who is to strike the ball in a game; a player considered in terms of ability to strike the ball.

    ‘a gifted striker of the ball’
    • ‘Nathan Astle is one of the cleanest strikers of a ball in the world.’
    • ‘A strong striker of the ball he got much distance and when he settled occasionally by the fringe of the greens he chipped with deadly accuracy.’
    • ‘These players are world class strikers and would probably be in any team in the world.’
    • ‘He is excellent going forward as well and has proved to be an excellent striker of the ball.’
    • ‘Norman told McCord he thought European Tour players were better ball strikers than the Americans.’
    • ‘He is such a clean striker of the ball, that runs would eventually come if he stays at the crease.’
    • ‘Burke is a sixpolar striker of the ball and plays his shots boldly.’
    • ‘Liverpool play Real Betis on Tuesday and one of the best strikers of a dead ball in the game awaits.’
    • ‘He is a strong striker of the ball and is relentless when he gets ahead.’
    • ‘This was the ferocious striker of the ball who terrified everyone in the locker room.’
    • ‘"And I missed another later because I didn't keep my composure, " said the young striker ruefully.’
    • ‘He is a clean striker of the ball and seems to have plenty of time to play his shots - the sign of a good batsman.’
    • ‘He is a very talented player and can pass the ball very well and is a good striker of the ball and does score some good goals.’
    • ‘To put it in golfing terms, Clarke is plus three as a striker of a golf ball but scratch at keeping his temperament on an even keel.’
    1. 2.1 (chiefly in soccer) a forward or attacker.
      • ‘In Raul they have the most exciting young striker in the world although defensively they are unconvincing.’
      • ‘The team often has a five-man midfield and a lone striker.’
      • ‘Fenn was again involved but the striker's shot hit the side-netting.’
      • ‘Why was Ferguson sitting in midfield instead of bombing forward to help the strikers?’
      • ‘Manchester United are in better form and even without their star striker are scoring more goals than Arsenal.’
      • ‘Hughes would then have the spare cash to sign another striker as well.’
      • ‘There is a chance the veteran striker may never play for Motherwell again.’
      • ‘If you are a striker at any club, you must score goals.’
      • ‘We salvaged a point when Josh Adams, our star striker scored a last-gasp equalizer to level the game.’
      • ‘O'Connor is the type of guy who believes everything comes to strikers who score goals.’
      • ‘But the former Hibs striker admits to having doubts about going so far down the league ladder.’
      • ‘For the last three months he has been the most in-form English striker in the Premiership.’
      • ‘Niemi stood his ground and pushed the diminutive striker's shot beyond the far post.’
      • ‘He also makes good runs forward to support the strikers.’
      • ‘The lack of an experienced striker up front was also one of the reasons Bafana could not execute their chances.’
      • ‘Burley confirmed that the former Germany international striker will be on trial in Edinburgh this week.’
      • ‘Bellamy has been the best striker up front for Newcastle this season.’
      • ‘With Seaman beaten, the striker's header hit a post when he ought to have scored.’
      • ‘The 28-year-old Dutch striker has been out of action for nearly three months because of an Achilles injury.’
      • ‘The 26-year-old Celtic striker's long-term plans make sense in anyone's language.’
      assailant, assaulter, aggressor
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