Definition of strike force in US English:

strike force


  • treated as singular or plural A military force equipped and organized for sudden attack.

    • ‘In 1998, London supported proposals for the construction of an independent European military strike force.’
    • ‘But Turkey would make a separate EU strike force much more feasible by providing cheap, brave cannon fodder.’
    • ‘Their main goal would be to make a way for a small strike force to get past the enemy.’
    • ‘The sweeping panoramic shots of the US helicopter strike force approaching down town Mogadishu is impressive.’
    • ‘The total German strike force included 38 divisions with perhaps 250,000 troops, supported by nearly 1,000 aircraft.’
    • ‘It looks like a strike force that was going to test our defenses at Stronghold, maybe hoping to take it back.’
    • ‘General Crespo quickly began organizing and preparing his strike force.’
    • ‘On 12 November 1970, strike force personnel began to deploy to Thailand.’
    • ‘Because the information would be processed automatically, the battle staff would have immediate and continuous updates on its strike force.’
    • ‘‘If it leads to Europe - Berlin rather - then sending a small strike force through would be useless,’ General Prater commented.’
    • ‘The strike force of the Korean People's Army will take on the enemy wherever he is.’
    • ‘The troops for the bunker's strike force was taken from the Washington and the Galleon.’
    • ‘After final approval, the strike force launched from Thailand and expertly rejoined 15 aircraft in total darkness under radio silence.’
    • ‘More than enough cover is around to conceal a considerable strike force, enough for a sneak attack.’
    • ‘My biggest concern is to shape up our defence to clear balls as they come in and to attack the strike force of our opponents.’
    • ‘Members of the strike force who stayed behind found ammunition, maps and a terrain model in the basement of the hospital.’
    • ‘The Rangers illustrated their lethality as an exceptionally competent Army strike force.’
    • ‘Financial assistance is needed for deployment of a strike force in all reserves.’
    • ‘The lack of a strike force meant that Spain offered little in attack and the Irish pursuit of the winner continued relentlessly.’
    • ‘Our strike force, Beta, is one of those designated to tie up the hellguards within the city.’


strike force

/ˈstrīk ˌfôrs//ˈstraɪk ˌfɔrs/