Definition of strike a discordant note in US English:

strike a discordant note


  • Appear strange and out of place.

    ‘the chair's modernity struck a discordant note in a room full of eighteenth-century furniture’
    • ‘The article strikes a discordant note precisely because it ignores the pope's counsel.’
    • ‘Bunches of peacock feathers in enormous bowls give the room an exotic look - though they strike a discordant note for the animal lover - while a cage of parakeets swings gently in the breeze in the pillared portico below.’
    • ‘One bit of political background in the movie struck a discordant note.’
    • ‘In a nation where harmony is the supreme value, no one is willing to strike a discordant note.’
    • ‘But, once more, her unwillingness to strike a discordant note among those she respects gives the impression of confusion or short-sightedness.’
    • ‘He was voted Sports Personality of the Year in 1955 but struck a discordant note on screen by using the occasion to slam the media for damaging British sport.’
    • ‘However, when you step back a bit and look at the obvious direction that things are going, it does indeed strike a discordant note.’
    • ‘It wasn't all smooth sailing: a chartreuse box with yellow enamel on an iron channel strikes a discordant note.’
    • ‘The line does not strike a discordant note, then, as it would if the poem were really diffuse; it is rather a climactic point for which the previous stanzas have been preparing.’
    • ‘Other than that, however, she has rarely struck a discordant note.’