Definition of strike a bargain in US English:

strike a bargain


  • Make a bargain; agree to a deal.

    • ‘It was this conviction that armed them in 1648, having failed to strike a bargain with the king, to purge the parliament, execute the king, and establish a Commonwealth, ‘without a king and House of Lords’.’
    • ‘‘Not only can she reason,’ said the Lord, ‘She can carry an argument, and strike a bargain with the best.’’
    • ‘The final chapter has Neo finally coming face to face with the supreme power of the Machine world, the Deus Ex Machina, and strike a bargain that is the only hope for a dying world.’
    • ‘‘I promise I'll listen too you if you promise to get off of me,’ I said hoping to strike a bargain with him that would be more beneficial to me at the moment.’
    • ‘I will not strike a bargain with a demonic being then attempt to double-cross it simply because I feel like being contrary.’
    • ‘So, cable channels needn't strike a bargain with the FCC in order to operate.’
    • ‘And we have to accept the reality that we can't strike a bargain in a high-profile manner.’
    • ‘To Powell the pragmatists, this is evidence that North Korea's government is willing to strike a bargain in return for its continued existence.’
    • ‘But she believed, particularly in smaller independent shops, it could be worth trying to strike a bargain.’
    • ‘But the advice I'd give to anybody thinking of doing the same thing is: you must strike a bargain that's beneficial to both sides and get planning permission before you buy.’
    • ‘You can strike a bargain with a school for special arrangements to be made for the good of any particular newcomer.’
    • ‘They're not really visible from where you are - as if you are a blind person trying to strike a bargain with someone on the other side of the table.’
    • ‘Now ’, she said, ‘It looks like we could strike a bargain.’’
    • ‘When I try to strike a bargain with someone else, and especially when I try to hold down a regular job, I need to try to meet other people's needs instead of just bleating about my own.’
    • ‘Each fruit is sold according to its size and a minimum price is Rs.20, though in some areas, it is possible to strike a bargain for small melons for half that much.’
    • ‘‘Miss Lyttle,’ he finally began, ‘let's strike a bargain, shall we?’’
    • ‘Let's strike a bargain: I won't call you ‘Cat’ or ‘Sir Jinx’ if you won't call me ‘Worm’.’
    • ‘Rather than being concerned with what crimes were actually committed and the procedural rules about inclusion, they are concerned to strike a bargain.’
    • ‘I might strike a bargain, but only if the penalty wasn't too great.’
    • ‘Despite the difficult talks that lie ahead, both banks have considerable incentives to strike a bargain.’