• (especially of a medical problem) associated with or caused by stress or mental fatigue.

    ‘last year, more than 13 million working days were lost to stress-related illnesses’
    • ‘You will probably be asked to monitor your bird's droppings and behavior very carefully, checking daily for any signs of stress-related disease.’
    • ‘About 80 percent of all doctors' office visits are for stress-related complaints.’
    • ‘Meditation is the ultimate relaxant, reducing those killer stress-related chemicals in your body better than virtually anything else.’
    • ‘I also recognize the fact that many performers suffer from stress-related illnesses.’
    • ‘He possessed prodigious energy and drive, yet was prone to stress-related illnesses and collapses.’
    • ‘He treats a number of businesspeople for stress and stress-related conditions, and also sees clients with allergies and physical pain.’
    • ‘Symptoms of bullying can cause a loss of self-esteem and confidence, and may result in stress-related illnesses, say researchers.’
    • ‘In Britain, more working days are lost due to stress-related illness than to industrial action.’
    • ‘The longer you go without resolving emotional issues, the more the body reacts by triggering stress-related hormones.’
    • ‘Her physician confirmed that the hair loss was stress-related.’
    • ‘Poor housing, underemployment, fear of deportation, and drastic changes can induce stress-related ailments such as ulcers and high blood pressure.’
    • ‘Its heroine, Claire, is suffering from stress-related amnesia.’
    in the mind, all in the mind, psychological, irrational, stress-induced, subjective, subconscious, unconscious
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