Definition of Strepsiptera in US English:


plural noun

  • An order of minute parasitic insects that comprises the stylopids.

    • ‘The order Strepsiptera are obligate endoparasitic insects that are known to parasitize seven insect orders, including solitary and social Hymenoptera.’
    • ‘Cases that have been studied in this way include the putative attraction of Diptera and Strepsiptera and of mammals and birds and basal relationships of carabid beetles and of yucca moths.’
    • ‘None of the specimens collected at either site showed signs of Strepsiptera parasitism.’
    • ‘Of the orders recorded with certainty for the first time from Tertiary beds, the Strepsiptera and Siphonaptera may have been relatively late developments, but the others were probably more ancient.’
    • ‘The odd group of insects called twisted-wing parasites, or more formally Strepsiptera, is easily overlooked.’


Modern Latin (plural), from Greek strepsi- (combining form of strephein ‘to turn’) + pteron ‘wing’.