Definition of strenuously in US English:



  • 1In a way that requires great physical exertion.

    ‘drink more if you're exercising strenuously’
    • ‘In spite of advancing years and not too robust health, he laboured strenuously until the state of his health made it necessary for him to retire.’
    • ‘He makes his body's tortured movements perversely vigorous, strenuously dragging his twisted leg, glaring fiercely, and speaking fast with a hard edge.’
    • ‘I have always been fit, but these past few months, I have been training strenuously for this role.’
    • ‘Wilbur rowed strenuously toward Kitty Hawk.’
    • ‘He had to work out strenuously for close to two hours a day for two years.’
    1. 1.1 With great effort and determination.
      ‘he strenuously denied any wrongdoing’
      ‘she campaigned strenuously for cheaper fares’
      • ‘A number of US telcos had objected strenuously to the way in which the competition had been run.’
      • ‘The financier strenuously disputed the inspector's conclusions regarding the sale of two property firms in which the former was found to have an interest.’
      • ‘He works strenuously to find a link to Stoker's most memorable creation, Dracula, with every fleeting reference.’
      • ‘Media law reform is likely to be strenuously resisted by Fianna Fáil, according to senior party sources.’
      • ‘He believes the proposals are a recipe for disaster and is strenuously opposed to the idea.’