Definition of street hockey in US English:

street hockey


  • A form of hockey played on a paved surface using in-line skates.

    • ‘If you fancy trying your hand at street hockey then come down and give it a go.’
    • ‘Sometimes, they chose to participate in a particular physical activity, such as playing street hockey versus playing in a hockey league, based on what they could afford.’
    • ‘Kiara had talked him into helping her start a small community street hockey club for younger students, and he didn't regret letting her push him into it.’
    • ‘You can't go down the street and play golf like you can go shoot hoops or play stickball or street hockey.’
    • ‘We went other places, of course, we skated, we terrorized the mall, the park, occasionally we played street hockey, but we always met at that one place and we always returned there at the end of the day.’
    • ‘However, inspectors said schools were working hard to give children the chance to take part in a wider range of activities, such as street hockey and orienteering.’
    • ‘Imagine playing street hockey in that family.’
    • ‘He's been so supportive, bringing me along when I was younger to play street hockey with his friends, ‘Wendell said.’’
    • ‘But the programme was a ‘positive catalyst for change’ and some schools were responding by introducing sports such as orienteering and street hockey to the curriculum, the report said.’
    • ‘I play street hockey with the public school kids now and then.’
    • ‘Some mentioned that in order to be invited to play in ‘pick-up games’ such as street hockey, others had to perceive you as a good player.’
    • ‘The Germans use your average ice hockey stick, while the Toronto crew uses street hockey sticks with plastic blades.’
    • ‘Well, you're amazing at ice hockey; I'm sure you'd be amazing at street hockey.’
    • ‘They have been cooped up in a van together for more than two weeks and are desperate to partake in their beloved activity - street hockey.’
    • ‘When the roads were snowed over and street hockey was out of the question we played this from dawn to dusk in massive round-robin tournaments.’
    • ‘It reminds me most of playing street hockey - no rules, just simple childhood anarchy and a lot of fun.’
    • ‘That's a lot of people for a game of street hockey.’
    • ‘He thought about seeing if his cousins wanted to play some street hockey.’
    • ‘People get better at street hockey so that they can rematch their ex and win.’
    • ‘When we first meet them in a quiet Boston suburb, they are kids playing street hockey.’