Definition of street credibility in English:

street credibility

(also street cred)


  • Acceptability among young black urban residents.

    • ‘One of the main problems is peer pressure which often dictates that it is good for your street credibility to drink branded fizzy drinks.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, at risk of losing my dubious street credibility, this ain't bad.’
    • ‘Twenty years on, the hooligan has lost his street credibility.’
    • ‘We started growing and we had street credibility…’
    • ‘So the Republicans can claim some street cred for supporting one of the largest integration programs in the country.’
    • ‘They have got street credibility and a wow factor.’
    • ‘The patrician Villepin was an unusual choice to be France's top cop: Mr Chirac hoped the job would give him more street credibility with voters.’
    • ‘It also lacks essential equipment that should be standard, is not very economical and has absolutely no street credibility whatsoever.’
    • ‘Many said it was because the media portrayed him as a good guy, therefore hurting his street credibility.’
    • ‘The ability to send text messages may give street credibility to the young but in your 40s the opposite could apply, writes Dave Andrew.’
    • ‘The other inmates treat me good because of my street credibility.’
    • ‘But one detail counts more than any clothes or accessories when establishing your street credibility, and that is natural feet - or, as it's known in the trade, the naked pedicure.’
    • ‘Until their early teens, men tend to let their mothers choose their clothes, until this becomes too embarrassing or damaging to their street credibility.’
    • ‘Donald's love of sport was not some kind of affectation designed to bring him street credibility in constituency walkabouts.’
    • ‘In an urban environment, he brings a lot of street credibility to this particular character.’
    • ‘Well, she's all right, but you're not really doing your street credibility any good, are you mate?’
    • ‘The anti-glamour of these pictures may signal an aspiration to street credibility.’
    • ‘For gangster rappers, criminal charges can be a way of gaining credibility on the street, street cred.’
    • ‘The arrival of the club will allow young people to do something which has street credibility and at the same time keep them out of trouble.’
    • ‘Originally intending it to operate with a degree of independence, the American occupying authority has instead kept the station under firm control, damaging its street credibility.’
    prestige, prestigiousness, distinction, status, standing, kudos, snob value, stature, prominence, importance, pre-eminence, eminence
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street credibility

/strēt ˌkredəˈbilədē/