Definition of street clothes in US English:

street clothes

plural noun

  • Clothes suitable for everyday wear in public.

    • ‘Greg rushed into the locker room, still wearing his street clothes, obviously arriving much later than even Gabe.’
    • ‘He also doesn't know very many that wear actual street clothes to bed at night.’
    • ‘‘I think allowing girls and boys to wear street clothes to and from school will alleviate most of the problems,’ she says.’
    • ‘Awaiting-trial prisoners also wear street clothes rather than the highly visible prison uniforms - once they are outside they disappear into the crowd.’
    • ‘He confirmed that his officers wore street clothes, such as jeans, so that demonstrators would not know they were police officers.’
    • ‘A disposable suit that completely covers the street clothes may be worn if someone is entering the restricted or semirestricted area for a short period of time.’
    • ‘It's empty during the week, except for the occasional pick up game with neighborhood folks wearing street clothes.’
    • ‘I insisted that the actors wear their street clothes, even to the extent of ordering several who arrived on stage in costume to change back to civvies.’
    • ‘You know as well as I that if you are wearing street clothes, you'll be kicked out of here.’
    • ‘Our attendants wore street clothes and stood with the rest of the participants.’
    • ‘All of the basketball team stood outside her door, dressed in their street clothes and wearing looks of absolute determination.’
    • ‘Wear your street clothes if you like. Just try to wear clean clothes.’
    • ‘Boys like fancy street clothes and electronics.’
    • ‘Cohen said he believes that much of the outdoor-or urban-inspired outerwear is not being used for sports but is being worn as street clothes or casual wear.’
    • ‘When you're wearing street clothes, your shoulders define your physique because they establish your width.’
    • ‘Some are dressed in inconspicuous street clothes, others wear black balaclavas and are armed with truncheons, while one is wearing a uniform and a police helmet.’
    • ‘To achieve a timeless quality, he thought the dancers should wear ordinary street clothes in earth-tone colors.’
    • ‘He was wearing an apron over his faded street clothes.’
    • ‘Jared was still wearing his street clothes, unlike her.’
    • ‘Her hair was pulled into a French braid and she was still wearing her street clothes but had her concert uniform in its bag draped over her arm.’


street clothes

/ˈstrēt ˌklō(T͟H)z/