Definition of strawberry tree in US English:

strawberry tree


  • A small evergreen European tree of the heath family that bears clusters of whitish flowers late in the year, often at the same time as the strawberrylike fruit from the previous season's flowers.

    Arbutus unedo, family Ericaceae

    • ‘The rare strawberry tree is also found in the locality, its most northern station in Europe and one of only three locations where it is found growing naturally in Ireland.’
    • ‘But the judicious placement of plants - a strawberry tree in the planter and several liquidambars screening a corner - makes the space surprisingly private.’
    • ‘There are maples with beautiful barks, scarlet willow, the Killarney strawberry tree, hellebores, sweetly scented Lonicera and Viburnum and dense thickets of crimson and yellow dogwoods.’
    • ‘Climatic conditions were suitable for the northward spread of the strawberry tree because close proximity to the sea and the influence of the warm Gulf Stream provides western Ireland with a wet, mild and frost-free climate.’
    • ‘Other hedge plants for backyard retreats include Mexican orange, Pacific wax myrtle, Pittosporum tobira, and strawberry tree.’


strawberry tree

/ˈstrôˌberē ˌtrē/