Definition of strawberry blond in US English:

strawberry blond

(also strawberry blonde)


  • Denoting hair of a light reddish-blond color.

    • ‘He is aged in his mid-20s with reddish or strawberry blond hair.’
    • ‘She had long strawberry blond hair, falling gently around her shoulders in soft waves.’
    • ‘Lana, a girl with strawberry blond hair, jumped up from her seat in a rush, her hair falling all around her face.’
    • ‘The mother came in from the kitchen, dark steel blue eyes clouded over with tears of worry and stress, strawberry blond hair matted and gnarled.’
    • ‘Donovan sat up, sighing, and raked a hand through his mess of strawberry blond hair.’
    • ‘Tiny and withered by hard living as she appeared, she still wore shocking strawberry blond braids down to her waist.’
    • ‘She was a small girl with short strawberry blond hair and blue eyes.’
    • ‘A nurse with strawberry blond hair walked in the room.’
    • ‘I peeked in the crack and saw a flash of Brittany's strawberry blond hair.’
    • ‘They set perched atop a pert nose, and small heart-shaped lips, surrounded by high cheekbones and sun-kissed strawberry blond hair.’
    • ‘As Amy and I headed towards the door hand in hand I caught a glimpse of strawberry blond hair.’
    • ‘As I waved my hand through my shoulder length strawberry blond hair, I remembered last summer.’
    • ‘A ponytail of strawberry blond hair hung casually below the reversed peak of her baseball cap.’
    • ‘She had strawberry blond hair, that matched the boy's slightly.’
    • ‘His queen, a girl with long, strawberry blond ringlets, clutched his arm tightly at his side, positively beaming.’
    • ‘Courtney's strawberry blond hair fell just past her shoulders, cascading onto her crimson vest.’
    • ‘Her hair wasn't even real red; it was more strawberry blond.’
    • ‘Cherry peered over the runway, finding Rose's strawberry blond hair among the crowd easily.’
    • ‘James had strawberry blond hair and twinkling green eyes.’
    • ‘He was of medium height and build with strawberry blond hair and freckles.’
    blond, blonde, yellow, yellowish, golden, flaxen, light, light brown, light-coloured, strawberry blonde, tow-coloured, platinum, ash blonde, bleached, bleached-blonde, sun-bleached, peroxide, bottle-blonde
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  • A person who has light reddish-blond hair.

    • ‘She was an adorable small strawberry blonde who always had a smile and could cheer anyone up.’
    • ‘The petite strawberry blonde dashed across the cabin, nimbly avoiding the other girls curled on the floor atop their sleeping bags, playing cards.’
    • ‘Dunphy will not have to change his hair colour, although it wouldn't matter much to him, as he was a strawberry blonde in his footballing days.’
    • ‘That isn't an easy endeavor since I'm a strawberry blonde with pasty skin, so I always blotch and burn and look like I've been scrubbing my face with steel wool.’
    • ‘She is an awesome looking strawberry blonde.’
    • ‘She was a strawberry blonde with brown eyes and pretty face.’
    • ‘She was a petite strawberry blonde with ocean-blue eyes that seemed to cry even when her soft oval face was smiling.’
    • ‘I was not totally prepared for the young strawberry blonde on the other side.’
    • ‘Inez stared at the strawberry blonde, trying to make the image in front of her fit the memory of the female jester she'd been gallivanting around the ship with for the last few hours.’
    • ‘I mentally noted that Scarlett was a strawberry blonde, with natural red highlights streaking her hair.’
    • ‘Jesse rolled her eyes and smacked the strawberry blonde around the back of his head.’
    • ‘They both watch as Greg taps the shoulder of a small strawberry blonde, who turns to him in surprise.’
    • ‘His eyes were blue and of course he was a strawberry blonde - those Swedes make beautiful children.’
    • ‘She turned to the strawberry blonde and gave her an angry look that shrank her.’
    • ‘‘I'm Miranda Tuttles,’ said the sturdy strawberry blonde that rounded out the foursome.’