Definition of straw purchase in US English:

straw purchase


  • A criminal act in which something, especially a firearm, is bought by one person on behalf of another who is legally unable to make the purchase themselves.

    • ‘Dealers will learn what they can do to recognize and avoid a straw purchase.’
    • ‘Even law-abiding dealers can unwittingly help prohibited users obtain guns if they unknowingly engage in a straw purchase.’
    • ‘Straw purchases were one of the most common schemes used by gun traffickers.’
    • ‘Another proposal would limit buyers to one new handgun every three months, a measure intended to make straw purchases more difficult.’
    • ‘Participating in a straw purchase is a felony.’
    • ‘The campaign is designed to train firearms retailers to better identify potential straw purchases and educate the public on the consequences of purchasing a firearm for someone who legally cannot make the transaction.’
    • ‘A 300-page report published last month documented the extensive problem of straw purchases and unrecorded private sales at gun shows.’
    • ‘More than one-half of the firearms subject to firearm trafficking investigations were initially acquired as part of a straw purchase.’
    • ‘The straw purchase was identified as the major source of crime guns in Maryland.’
    • ‘A straw purchase is illegal, but if I'm the one selling the guns, how do I know you're not buying them for yourself?’