Definition of straw buyer in US English:

straw buyer


  • A person who buys something on behalf of another person in order to circumvent legal restrictions or enable fraud.

    ‘straw buyers purchased weapons and passed them on to cartels and criminals’
    ‘he fraudulently used straw buyers to obtain mortgages’
    • ‘In that operation, federal agents monitored straw buyers who bought about 2,000 guns, but did not intervene to arrest them or seize the weapons because they were trying to identify higher-ups in the network.’
    • ‘He is one of 14 straw buyers linked to the operation to have pleaded guilty to buying firearms they knew were destined to fall into criminal hands.’
    • ‘They "fail to utilize basic training instruction that would help dealers and distributors recognize straw buyers or avoid distribution to illegal purchasers."’
    • ‘The ATF agents wanted to arrest them since they were obvious straw buyers and that would have stopped those weapons from getting out.’
    • ‘"Straw buyers" bought guns, which were smuggled to drug cartels.’
    • ‘Under federal law, straw buyers cannot be held liable for deaths caused by the weapons they bought.’
    • ‘When I conducted research with shooters in Northern California, I found it was no secret which dealers were selling guns to straw buyers.’
    • ‘Samuels, 36, is accused of recruiting straw buyers to purchase units in multifamily dwellings from September 2006 to July 2008.’
    • ‘The indictment says that a bank employee, who is not named, provided a document for submission to a lender that falsely stated a straw buyer had a certain amount of money on deposit at the bank.’
    • ‘In the investigation, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives allowed suspected low-level straw buyers for the gun trafficking network to purchase and transport guns.’