Definition of stratum corneum in US English:

stratum corneum


  • The horny outer layer of the skin.

    • ‘This property results from product adherence to the stratum corneum layer of the skin, inhibiting microbial recolonization.’
    • ‘Generally, all maintenance and repair products should focus on the restorative and nutritive needs of the stratum corneum and epidermal cells.’
    • ‘In most areas of the body, the stratum corneum is comprised of about 15 tightly stacked layers of corneocytes.’
    • ‘Its thick epidermis contains well-developed granular, spinous, suprabasal, and basal layers below a mature stratum corneum.’
    • ‘The stratum corneum and a natural skin oil called the ‘barrier lipid’ provide protection for the living skin cells with their sensitive nerve endings.’


Latin, literally ‘horny layer’.


stratum corneum

/ˈstrātəm ˌkôrnēəm/