Definition of stratocracy in US English:


nounPlural stratocracies

  • 1Government by military forces.

    • ‘The obvious problem for a Western audience is that the none-too-subtle political message of ‘Hero’ is that stratocracy is good for you.’
    • ‘Ghana has been integral to the norm of the morally and psychologically daunting era of stratocracy rather than the exception, as one would have had it.’
    • ‘The important stratocracy persons in the Republic of China visited here respectively, including the chairman Linsen.’
    • ‘Neofascism and stratocracy are rife.’
    1. 1.1 A military government.
      • ‘We live in a nascent stratocracy - a government ruled by military.’
      • ‘This pact has led to the point of an almost total control by the stratocracy which resulted from interweaving modern science and technology with national, social and public interest.’
      • ‘Rather stratocracies are found only among countries that support immobile light and medium forces.’
      • ‘Back in 1972, when he was in self-imposed exile in New York because of the Greek stratocracy, he staged a musical version of Aristophanes’ play on Broadway, starring the late Melina Mercouri, who had also left Greece.’
      • ‘The vetting out of ‘outsiders’ was not the only kind gesture of these commanders of the Iranian stratocracy.’
      • ‘It all began with the Soviet military intervention in Afghanistan in 1979, when the United States, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia supported Islamist rebels fighting the Moscow-backed Marxist stratocracy in Kabul.’


Mid 17th century: from Greek stratos ‘army’ + -cracy.