Definition of stratified sample in English:

stratified sample


  • A sample that is drawn from a number of separate strata of the population, rather than at random from the whole population, in order that it should be representative.

    • ‘The researchers limited their review to a random stratified sample of articles published during 1997-1998.’
    • ‘With the results, we developed a quantitative 20-minute phone survey and enlisted participation among a stratified sample of 1,005 other individuals.’
    • ‘This was equivalent to a 20% stratified sample of non-federal acute hospitals in the United States.’
    • ‘The stratified sample consisted of 60% practitioners, 20% educators, and 20% laboratory managers.’
    • ‘The study is based on a stratified sample with an over-representation of risk cases for psychiatric disorders.’
    • ‘Subsequently, a proportional, stratified sample of 253 hospitals was selected.’
    • ‘We selected a stratified sample of 200 servicemen from an infantry battalion of 566 according to rank (20 officers, 30 from the senior ranks of sergeant to warrant officer, and 150 from the junior ranks of corporal and below).’
    • ‘This project involves approximately 250 camps selected from a representative stratified sample, data analysis, and the development for distribution of training materials and research monographs.’
    • ‘Interview subjects included both a hierarchically stratified sample of the participants in each initiative and a representative sample of those whose work was influenced by them.’
    • ‘Using the Quality Education database, which lists all high schools in the United States, the researchers selected a stratified sample of 80 high schools with probability proportionate to size.’
    • ‘The authors interviewed a stratified sample of 106 women who were 50 years and younger.’
    • ‘Since this is a stratified sample with a higher percentage of large producers than actually exists in the industry, results are presented by size category.’
    • ‘Subjects were selected using a multistage stratified sample design of households.’
    • ‘The sample of employees was a multistage stratified sample designed to maximize the diversity of job characteristics.’
    • ‘To that end, the survey relies upon a stratified sample of the undergraduate population in the United States, controlling for factors such as gender, race/ethnicity, and class standing.’
    • ‘The stratified sample was proportional to the actual number of women in each year of study, undergraduate freshmen through graduate students.’
    • ‘To gather university norms, students administer an already-existing test or one constructed by the class to a stratified sample.’
    • ‘The advantage of multi-stage cluster sampling should be clear by now: it allows interviewers to be far more concentrated than would be the case if a simple random or stratified sample were selected.’
    • ‘All students in the third grade (final year) in a stratified sample of seven nonvocational senior high schools in Oslo were asked to complete a questionnaire during class.’
    • ‘A stratified sample of 4860 people over 16 was interviewed and adjusted to reflect the whole population.’


stratified sample

/ˌstradəˌfīd ˈsamp(ə)l/