Definition of stratification in US English:



  • 1The arrangement or classification of something into different groups.

    ‘wealth is the main symbol of social stratification’
    ‘stratification of patients into low-, moderate-, and high-risk groups’
    count noun ‘a metropolis with a multiplicity of ethnic, social, and age stratifications’
    • ‘In a survey of a human population, stratification may be based on socio-economic factors or geographic region.’
    • ‘His attack on racial and class-based stratification in the military exposes the hidden underside of a significant concurrent political reality.’
    • ‘This implies that history, with all its stratifications, is preferable to the idea of repatriation at all costs.’
    • ‘The notion of labour market stratification, whereby the market does not clear, is essential to the explanatory analysis.’
    • ‘Deviations from the standard stratification of privilege were never permanent or absolute.’
    1. 1.1 The formation of strata in rock.
      ‘rock seams without any distinct stratification’
      count noun ‘geological stratifications’
      • ‘The strongly developed stratification of many of the Mesozoic and Cenozoic rocks is clearly shown.’
      • ‘In tectonically deformed regions, the most obvious stratification may be cleavage surfaces.’
      • ‘Saturn's satellite Phoebe is too small for it to have separated into vertical stratifications when it formed.’
      • ‘The fluids produce dolomites which cut across the original stratification of the rock.’
      • ‘A primary depositional feature of many layered rocks is stratification, or bedding.’
    2. 1.2 The placing of seeds close together in layers in moist sand or peat to preserve them or to help them germinate.
      ‘following cold stratification, seeds were germinated in greenhouses’
      • ‘To mimic natural seed input and stratification, we seeded the plots with ash and dogwood in late fall.’
      • ‘The cool moist conditions of stratification did prolong seed viability to some extent for up to six months.’
      • ‘Prior to stratification, the seeds were surface-sterilized with dilute bleach for five minutes, followed by several thorough rinses with water.’
      • ‘Physiological dormancy was broken by warm stratification, after which embryo growth and germination occurred in 68–73 per cent of the seeds in light.’
      • ‘We began germination chamber tests for stratification effects after 20 days of stratification.’