Definition of strategize in English:



[NO OBJECT]North American
  • Devise a strategy or strategies.

    • ‘I'm always planning, thinking, strategising.’
    • ‘We need to energize and build the movement by sharing resources and strategizing to work pro-actively in ways that cross-support a diverse array of approaches, networks and campaigns.’
    • ‘If you find yourself having to plot, scheme and strategize, in an attempt to get your boyfriend to propose, you're likely to be in the wrong relationship and you are likely to eventually regret it.’
    • ‘We stay up all night strategizing and getting to know each other.’
    • ‘In the absence of such policies, strategizing for the promotion of mental health is not feasible.’
    • ‘You don't have to spend hours analyzing, strategizing and planning.’
    • ‘According to Cahill, the Greeks were the earliest people to strategize - to plan battles and debate such things as number and quality of fighters, tactics and geography.’
    • ‘They planned and strategized for three days, and when there were no objections left, these youth were ready to challenge power at all levels.’
    • ‘And that's what we're talking about and strategizing about.’
    • ‘Once you have the knowledge and are aware about the problem then you can strategize.’
    • ‘There's certainly a lot to say, from articulating defenses of basic rights to strategizing about the best balance between principle and politics.’
    • ‘Pollan sometimes engages a bit too freely in metaphorical talk about plants planning and strategizing and ‘wanting’ their genes spread.’
    • ‘And guess what, now that I don't spend my entire day planning and thinking and strategising… things are easier.’
    • ‘Today the tech squad at Kennedy Space Center is strategizing.’
    • ‘He wanted to build a team, compose game plans, strategize during contests, and celebrate victories and maybe even championships.’
    • ‘You'll remember, when the three of those men strategized, they came together to do a massive fund-raising effort to respond to the tsunami disaster.’
    • ‘And we can only find a way if we stop to think, to assess our weaknesses and our strength, to plan, to strategise and then to counter attack…’
    • ‘With military precision, the best must strategize and execute their plans months in advance to vector their bodies toward absolute peak condition on contest day - the day of reckoning.’
    • ‘The smart move is to assume that this election is going to be very close and strategize accordingly.’
    • ‘They strategized about how best to finance delegations to overseas sweatshops and about how to build alliances with workers' rights groups.’