Definition of strategic business unit in US English:

strategic business unit


  • A relatively autonomous division of a large company that operates as an independent enterprise with responsibility for a particular range of products or activities.

    ‘these strategic business units are responsible for their own profit or loss but are answerable to the top management’
    • ‘In spite of the fact that it could take up to 48 months to show a return on investment, all indications were its strategic business unit was making sound financial and developmental investments.’
    • ‘The company had been separated into three separate strategic business units, he said.’
    • ‘Reorganizing security programs into one unified activity with an executive leader is one of the only ways to integrate security across the strategic business units of a company.’
    • ‘Academic literature suggests that successful international organizations deal with this by establishing local strategic business units within the countries they serve.’
    • ‘Your Asia business has been consolidated into a strategic business unit.’
    • ‘We now recognise that competition happens at the level of the individual enterprise - or even at the level of a strategic business unit within a larger enterprise.’
    • ‘As a strategic business unit of the Rover Group, Land Rover's ownership has mirrored that of the UK nationalized motor industry.’
    • ‘While the option for a new subsidiary is being studied and will be decided in the future, the company is laying more emphasis on selling personal insurance products and has formed a strategic business unit for the purpose.’
    • ‘Known for indifferent passenger handling over years, it has for the first time set up a strategic business unit (SBU) for ground handling at airports.’
    • ‘The bank's restructuring is expected to result in the formation of five strategic business units, which will operate as independent profit centres.’
    • ‘"But the decentralized approach to creating strategic business units has created more opportunities to run something earlier in your career."’
    • ‘People meet in small groups, probably consisting of the human resources manager, the leaders of each strategic business unit, representative staff members and a representative from the finance department and exchange ideas.’
    • ‘Using business terminology, the actions of the strategic business units (e.g., Commands) influenced the ability of the units to implement corporate applications.’
    • ‘With this in mind, the company launched its strategic business unit known as the Systems Division.’
    • ‘Essentially the marketing programme of a major division of a company (called a strategic business unit) or product covered by the plan is examined within the context of pertinent past, present and future conditions.’
    • ‘The company has six strategic business units for its export business including the agricultural, textile, metal, energy and agrochemical units.’
    • ‘The assets in the company and the revenues all went together in these strategic business units.’
    • ‘The bill would give local authorities, particularly their strategic business units, an undue competitive advantage over other competing businesses.’
    • ‘All marketing plans for each strategic business unit together constitute the corporate marketing programme.’