Definition of strange particle in US English:

strange particle


  • A subatomic particle classified as having a nonzero value for strangeness.

    • ‘The enhanced production of strange particles in heavy ion collisions is considered an important signature of the presence of a Quark-Gluon Plasma.’
    • ‘The model explained this by proposing that the strange particles carry a (slightly unstable) strange quark, while the non-strange particles do not.’
    • ‘One of the huge tasks that the strangeness group is faced with is counting all the strange particles released from the collision.’
    • ‘We now know that protons and pions are made up of up and down quarks, while these ‘strange particles’ have at least one of a new type of quark that is much like the down quark, only heavier.’
    • ‘In charmed particle decays, measurements of semileptonic branching ratios imply a much smaller enhancement of nonleptonic modes than in strange particle decays.’