Definition of strain gauge in US English:

strain gauge


  • A device for indicating the strain of a material or structure at the point of attachment.

    • ‘(Two vertical and two horizontal strain gauges on each core were used).’
    • ‘Passive tension was measured with a strain gauge force transducer, and fiber length was controlled by a high-speed motor.’
    • ‘Inside the torque sensor is a strain gauge with an output wire attached.’
    • ‘On the surface of the drum head, we deposit a thin-metal strain gauge that changes resistance when stretched.’
    • ‘All of these work using a device called a strain gauge that is sensitive to very small changes in weight.’
    • ‘The resting period included a 1-minute baseline measurement for the strain gauge.’
    • ‘According to the company, strain gauge technology is proven, accurate, and extremely flexible, and can be adapted into a variety of weighing applications.’
    • ‘Digital reloading scales are all based on load cell or strain gauge technology.’
    • ‘Conventionally, such structures are checked with strain gauges and visual inspections.’
    • ‘‘The strain gauge sensors are sacrificed for each placement,’ he adds, ‘but you can also use ‘surface pressure cells’ which are permanently mounted on the forms and can be reused.’’
    • ‘The second type of fibre is made from plastic, rather than glass, making it suitable for use as an optical strain gauge, measuring the stresses in plastic and composite structures, for example.’
    • ‘Some commercial microscopes are enhanced with distance sensors such as strain gauge or capacitive sensors, which remove most of the hysteresis.’
    • ‘Operation is based on strain gauge technology that makes those neat electronic reloading scales possible.’
    • ‘Computer software is used to calibrate the strain gauge and calculate blood flow measurements in the leg.’
    • ‘Test pieces were connected by a wire hook to a strain gauge force transducer, as described by Smith.’
    • ‘All that is required is a spring balance or, better, an electronic strain gauge, against which the body-part of interest exerts force through a virtually inextensible wire or rigid lever system.’
    • ‘The testing lab is now calculating the estimated form pressures based on the strain gauge data to see what the lateral pressures really were.’


strain gauge

/ˈstrān ˌɡāj/