Definition of straight-line in US English:



  • 1Containing, characterized by, or relating to straight lines or motion in a straight line.

    ‘a straight-line graph’
    ‘the Porsche's straight-line stability’
    • ‘I have been okay doing straight-line running, but there is no point in pushing it too hard, too quickly.’
    • ‘Traditional seismographs record straight-line movements, for example shaking, whereas ring lasers measure rotational movements like rolling or twisting.’
    • ‘Personally, I think I'm probably somewhere between liberal and moderate, presuming I even subscribe to the straight-line model of polarised political categorisation.’
    • ‘The steering was responsive, the straight-line tracking was perfect, braking almost normal.’
    • ‘We have done a lot of work in the wind tunnels since and in straight-line gliding I'm one of the fastest skiers in the world.’
    • ‘Drive comfort has been helped by the specially adjusted chassis to cope with European roads, fitted with stout anti-roll bars and a wide track, so maintaining a straight-line stability.’
    • ‘The point is that ‘development’ is never a straight-line, linear phenomenon.’
    • ‘We had good straight-line speed, but overtaking is so difficult here.’
    • ‘Those inclined to make straight-line extrapolations from the events of a few news cycles should read some history.’
    • ‘Then I saw the problem: the boat's skeg, or fin, essential for maintaining a straight-line course, was flopping loosely in its groove on the stern.’
    • ‘Circular, rather than straight-line motion was the natural state of the Aristotelian celestial world.’
    • ‘Companies and their managers who steer straight-line courses do so at their own peril.’
    • ‘They could be relied upon to do it properly, often eschewing outright straight-line speed for a mesmeric blend of response, agility and feel.’
    • ‘Tracing the light back as a straight-line path, it appears to us that the star has shifted its position in the celestial sky.’
    • ‘It possessed no outstanding dynamic talent save raw, brutal, straight-line speed.’
    • ‘We have eliminated most of that in favor of mostly straight-line reporting relationships, clear lines of authority and delineation.’
    • ‘The straight-line distance was 12 miles, but the racing tides of the bay forced him to swim an extra two miles.’
    • ‘Every three or four months now, his straight-line commute becomes a triangle.’
    • ‘This sort of straight-line running to commit a tackler should be bread-and-butter stuff but Scotland's back division still manages to make a meal of it.’
    • ‘For those who are keen to sample the performance, the car displays super straight-line stability and poise.’
    1. 1.1Finance Relating to a method of depreciation allocating a given percentage of the cost of an asset each year for a fixed period.
      • ‘Depreciation is provided on the straight-line method over the estimated useful lives of the assets.’
      • ‘The tax code allows for both straight-line depreciation and an accelerated cost recovery system.’
      • ‘Depreciation of furniture and equipment is computed on the straight-line basis over estimated useful lives of five to ten years.’
      • ‘Five-year straight-line depreciation is applied to the equipment.’
      • ‘Since impairment depends on market values, it will be much less predictable than straight-line amortization based on acquisition price.’