Definition of stracciatella in US English:



  • 1An Italian soup containing eggs and cheese.

    ‘there's soup (stracciatella or minestrone) and salad (green or Caesar)’
    • ‘The stracciatella Romana, a chicken broth with eggs, spinach and cheese, was less pleasing.’
    • ‘Anchovies in garlic and vinegar gleam, his signature artichoke leaves crackle, and you almost giggle hearing the sighs of satisfaction each time someone takes a spoonful of his dense egg-and-spinach-laden stracciatella.’
    • ‘This light, satisfying, broth-based soup, known in Italy as stracciatella, pairs eggs with another springtime favorite, fresh shelled peas.’
  • 2A type of Italian or Italian-style vanilla ice cream containing fine flakes of chocolate.

    ‘two scoops of stracciatella’