Definition of stovepipe hat in US English:

stovepipe hat


  • A silk hat resembling a top hat but much taller.

    • ‘Most likely an adaptation of the fashionable stovepipe hats of the day, these early hats were usually made by saddlers and leather workers.’
    • ‘What's with that bizarre stovepipe hat on Daniel?’
    • ‘In the middle of the picture, below Sappington, is a man with a stovepipe hat; this is Bingham himself, engaged in tallying the vote or making sketches.’
    • ‘Elderly Korean men walked around wearing black, stovepipe hats.’
    • ‘Do your children go to school in stovepipe hats?’
    • ‘Wiltshire, a miner's daughter from the Valleys with a slightly subversive sense of humour, sits in her dining room by a painting of a crone in Welsh costume with black stovepipe hat.’
    • ‘I hated the fat men in stovepipe hats that adorned Soviet propaganda posters.’
    • ‘It is possible that the next generation of fire hats - working hats with an extended brim at the back - represent the fusion of the cape and the stovepipe hat of the earliest firefighters.’
    • ‘There were top hats, silk hats, bowler hats, stovepipe hats, chimney-pot hats - oh, and a couple of servants' caps.’
    • ‘It has a carrot for a nose, coal for eyes, a real honest-to-goodness stovepipe hat and the most perfect of all branches that jut out like real arms and hands.’
    • ‘These guys are so cartoonish in their villainy, one keeps expecting them to don little black moustaches and stovepipe hats and hog-tie Stephanie to a railroad track.’
    • ‘Chris breezes in wearing a tall, stovepipe hat that is patchworked in about a hundred different colors and fabrics.’
    • ‘Uncle Sam is still standing at the doorway, his stovepipe hat lolling at an weary angle.’