Definition of storming in US English:



  • The sudden forceful attack and capture of a building or other place by troops.

    ‘the storming of the Bastille’


  • attributive (of a performance, especially in sports or music) outstandingly vigorous or impressive.

    ‘his storming finish carried him into third place’
    • ‘In the 1500m, Michael East produced a storming finish to clinch third place in a personal best time.’
    • ‘It was Dungloe's storming finish which derailed the Cork side.’
    • ‘After a storming first round, Foster and Clarke had a costly mix-up.’
    • ‘Clearly upset, the Ilkley midfielder proceeded to make amends and had a storming final 40 minutes.’
    • ‘Trailing by four points with eight minutes left, the team put in its usual storming finish to score three goals and a point in the remainder of the match.’
    • ‘He's recovered well from back surgery and has gained increased flexibility at Northampton, where he has put in some storming performances this season.’
    • ‘They took the lead after 59 minutes, then saw their opponents reduced to ten men, and produced a storming finish with a second goal after 89 minutes.’
    • ‘Several storming runs marked him out as the epitome of a modern prop.’
    • ‘He produced some storming performances for the club's youth and academy teams, but when he was on the brink of a senior career he was struck down by a string of injuries.’
    • ‘A great new record and some storming recent shows demonstrate that the band are definitely back on top.’
    • ‘He had a storming game against Norwich last week but he needs to do it more if he is not to be put in the permanent shadow of his team-mate from Portugal on the opposite wing.’
    • ‘They produced a storming first half display which rocked Barrow to their boots.’
    • ‘Kilcullen put in a storming finish, scoring four points in the closing minutes to win a most enthralling game.’
    • ‘And if his storming start is anything to go by, he will give up his last drop of energy as he looks to seal his own special place in Olympic history.’
    • ‘There will be everything from karaoke sessions to trad music to a storming rock band from Donegal.’
    • ‘Along the way there were storming renditions of Honeysuckle Rose, Tears Drop From My Eyes and even a version of George Harrison's Horse To The Water.’
    • ‘Shortly afterwards they wowed music lovers with a storming show and they are now returning by popular demand.’
    • ‘Comer trailed 25-26 at the break but put in a storming second half performance to come out on top by eight points.’
    • ‘The singer, who started her world tour last Thursday, finishes her storming set by walking through the crowd with a group of bodyguards.’
    • ‘Baildon has put itself on the local sporting map with storming starts to the summer season - in both golf and cricket.’