Definition of storminess in US English:



  • See stormy

    • ‘Sodium levels in both the Greenland and the Antarctic ice sheets show that there was a marked increase in storminess around 1400 AD, a time when there was a short period of intense cold that has been nicknamed ‘the little ice age.’’
    • ‘Northern areas are likely to become more important agriculture regions as Britain's richest cereal growing areas in East Anglia and Lincolnshire suffer inundation and salt soils because of increasing storminess and rising sea levels.’
    • ‘This controls the atmosphere's circulation and can alter rainfall, temperature, winds and storminess.’
    • ‘Despite its high speed and the storminess of the sea, the albatross still managed to successfully locate and capture prey at a rate comparable to that achieved under less extreme conditions.’
    • ‘Weather forecasts called for the storminess to last into the evening, though delays were likely to ebb and flow with the intensity of the storms.’