Definition of storm troops in US English:

storm troops

plural noun

  • 1

    another term for shock troops
    • ‘Our informant watched in disbelief as storm troops completely destroyed a house belonging to someone he knew who now resides in South Africa.’
    • ‘The sub-machine-gun had been developed in Germany in 1917-18 as a weapon for storm troops, a short-range automatic weapon firing pistol ammunition.’
    1. 1.1historical The Nazi political militia.
      • ‘The Storm Troops or ‘Brownshirts’ were organized initially to serve as a protective force at Nazi Party meetings and placed under the leadership of Captain Ernst Röhm.’
      • ‘By Wednesday the prime minister appeared to believe that only 90-day detention stood between Britain and the imminent arrival of Hitler's storm troops.’
      • ‘Seven of the highest commanders of the Storm Troops have been summarily shot.’
      • ‘The polls opened at 8 o'clock, but in Berlin Storm Troops, Hitler Youth Troops and Nazi labor union groups took to the streets as early as 6 o'clock to wake the populace by shouting at them to do their duty.’
      • ‘S. S. Storm Troops guarded the house but Reichswehr soldiers, sent by President von Hindenburg to guard his favorite statesman, stood watch inside.’