Definition of storm trooper in English:

storm trooper


  • See storm troops

    • ‘Unlike soldiers burdened with weighty kit etc, the storm troopers carried little except weaponry (such as flame throwers) that could cause much panic, as proved to be the case in this attack.’
    • ‘His literary output - over 60 books - covered a wide range of topics, from science to philosophy, politics, and fiction, but he first achieved fame as a WWI storm trooper.’
    • ‘It was written by a storm trooper, Horst Wessel, who was killed in a street fight with communists in 1930.’
    • ‘Despite vehement public attacks on his work and anonymous threats, he was never imprisoned in a concentration camp or beaten up by storm troopers.’
    • ‘By the time Adolf Hitler's storm troopers invaded Poland on 1 September 1939, unleashing World War II, the New Deal Era was waning.’


storm trooper

/ˈstôrm ˌtro͞opər/