Definition of storm sewer in English:

storm sewer


North American
  • A sewer built to carry away excess water in times of heavy rain.

    • ‘If the storm sewers need to be cleaned, the developer must pay for the process.’
    • ‘Now it hits rooftops, asphalt and concrete and is sent rushing through storm sewers like bath water down a drain.’
    • ‘I used to hike up storm sewers with my buddies.’
    • ‘Despite city promises going back 50 years, there were no storm sewers, sidewalks, or curbs in the neighborhood.’
    • ‘The pipes that carry sewage to treatment plants are connected to storm sewers, which take rain water into the nearest river.’
    • ‘Together they laid French drains - gravel and perforated pipe - and hooked them into the storm sewer.’
    • ‘Horvitz involved a private landowner and the construction of a municipal storm sewer in the city of Mayfield Heights.’
    • ‘Pervious pavement in the parking lot is designed to allow water to pass directly through the asphalt into the ground, rather than run into storm sewers.’
    • ‘Adding an 8 x 8-ft box culvert storm sewer cost developers $25 million.’
    • ‘The pollution sometimes shows up as a sheen in backyard pools or infiltrates basements and storm sewers, residents of the area say.’
    • ‘Representatives from contractors MC O'Sullivan said work on the central storm sewer had started, and was a 36 week work programme.’
    • ‘He glanced over at the slushy waters near a storm sewer that had risen, in a few hours, to the top of his curb.’
    • ‘Kids mistake it in places for a big storm sewer.’
    • ‘Today, there are new storm sewers and sidewalks throughout the neighborhood, and people no longer walk in the street when it rains.’
    • ‘As a consequence, less water runs straight to storm sewers over-taxed by heavy rains.’
    • ‘The town will also extend the storm sewer on the street.’
    • ‘These materials are water soluble and can cause pollution problems if rinsed into storm sewers.’
    • ‘They pinpointed homes with toilets connected to storm sewers instead of sanitary sewers.’
    • ‘"A new storm sewer was laid by Water Service approximately one year ago," she said.’
    • ‘Admittedly, it's a different category than the recent rash of collapsing bridges, exploding steam pipes and overwhelmed storm sewers.’


storm sewer

/ˈstôrm ˌso͞oər/