Definition of storm center in US English:

storm center


  • 1The point to which the wind blows spirally inward in a cyclonic storm.

    • ‘Though the storm center was 150 miles to the north, the typhoon encompassed an area 600 miles across and 1,200 miles along.’
    • ‘And the storm center is expected to move ashore sometime tonight or early tomorrow with winds of about 45 miles an hour.’
    • ‘By keeping track of typhoons and storm centres, and giving advance warning of their approach, the observation achieved world-wide fame in meteorology circles.’
    • ‘This storm is really far from over, but even though it has been a quick assault we still have a lot of things that we need to worry about, as the storm center itself is already about 65 miles to the north and east of West Palm Beach.’
    1. 1.1 The central point around which controversy or trouble happens.
      • ‘Lenin, Trotsky and the majority of the Bolsheviks thought this was premature, because outside the storm centre of Petrograd most people would oppose the uprising.’
      • ‘Ten thousand miners went back to work, and in the Doncaster coalfield, storm centre of the three-week-old Yorkshire strike, the feeling was growing that the end might be near.’
      • ‘Its role as one of the storm centres of the fight for Italian unification is largely forgotten, with little on the islands to remind a visitor of its past heroism.’
      • ‘In 1972 he was at the storm center of the prelude to Bobby Fischer's historic journey to Iceland to bring the world crown to U.S. shores.’
      • ‘Jewish Studies, far from being a safe intellectual haven from the wild seas of secular education, turns out itself to be a storm center.’
      • ‘When Maclean said they could turn Glasgow into a ‘revolutionary storm centre’, he wasn't deluding himself.’
      • ‘It was the storm centre of the ‘biennio rosso’ - the two red years that followed the end of the war in 1918.’
      • ‘The article refers to Jones as a local lawyer who would ‘once again become the storm center of controversy.’’


storm center

/stôrm ˈsen(t)ər/