Definition of storm beach in US English:

storm beach


  • An expanse of sand or gravel thrown up on the coast by storms.

    • ‘These are true storm beaches that have no protection from the oncoming elements.’
    • ‘There are a few broken, bleached shells on the storm beach, but shells on the whole are very rare.’
    • ‘Often they are separated from the sea only by narrow storm beaches, less frequently by shingle banks or rocks.’
    • ‘Donegal is blessed with some of the most beautiful, and uncrowded beaches in Europe, some sheltered and safe for bathing, some wild Atlantic storm beaches with good surf.’
    • ‘Cornwall has the largest coastline of any area on the country and is famous for its storm beaches.’
    • ‘Narrow storm beaches at the base of northwest Kalaupapa are maintained by high surf, which transports sand over tide pools and rocky shelves at the shoreline.’
    • ‘Mackerel, garfish, bass, pollack, wrasse, dogfish and tope can be taken from rock marks, whereas the storm beaches can provide excellent fishing for bass and flatfish in the Summer, and flounder, codling and whiting in the Winter.’
    • ‘Spinning and fly fishing for bass on storm beaches or from rock perches are becoming increasingly popular methods of seeking this fine sporting fish.’
    • ‘Our hotel looked over a shallow cove with rocks and areas of sand, but to the south there was a long, four-mile-plus open storm beach we thought looked promising.’
    • ‘It is a very large simple linear storm beach connecting the so-called Isle of Portland to the mainland.’
    • ‘From the end of July onwards the seals come in and give birth at the back of these storm beaches.’
    • ‘The following day we woke up to a raging tempest and saw that the waves were actually building the storm beach!’
    • ‘Plaice can be caught when fishing for bass from storm beaches such as Llangenith and Freshwater West.’
    • ‘Included are images of Table Mountain, Lime Quarry, calcrete weathering, storm beaches and wave-cut platforms.’
    • ‘In places, whole series or 'staircases' of these storm beaches have been formed and stranded inland as the high-water mark has retreated seaward.’
    • ‘Cornwall is famous for its storm beaches.’
    • ‘Watch for big sea swells when fishing rock marks and deep storm beaches.’
    • ‘The variety of fishing is enormous, ranging from very deep rock marks to Atlantic storm beaches with huge waves.’
    • ‘There are, of course, far more types of beach than just storm beaches.’