Definition of storekeeper in US English:



  • 1North American A person who owns or runs a store.

    • ‘It would be interesting to see a comparison of the catalog and store prices to learn what kind of markup the storekeepers had and to get a better idea of what a craftsman's tool kit cost him.’
    • ‘Is there a parallel between taking up a storekeepers time by pretending to shop and ask prices for items we know we will not buy and dating the opposite sex with no intention of a committed relationship?’
    • ‘The storekeeper was making us nervous because he knew we weren't serious about buying anything.’
    • ‘Both his father and his grandfather were storekeepers whose stock included painting materials.’
    • ‘Ironmongers, specialist tool merchants, and general storekeepers retailed the products of a large and complex toolmaking industry.’
    • ‘He contributed to the growth of the town through his own enterprise as a farmer, a storekeeper, and a manufacturer as well as through his diligent service as a public official.’
    • ‘He proudly tells the storekeeper of the sweet shop that the sugar is for the mother of his firstborn son.’
    • ‘They have talked with storekeepers, taxi drivers, street cleaners and bar staff, anyone who may have seen the incident.’
    • ‘I took that chance to grab two more peaches - one in each hand - and leave, but the storekeeper caught on quicker than I had thought he would.’
    • ‘Simply put, the storekeeper who offers low prices and top quality will draw more customers and beat his competitors.’
    • ‘Along the coast, most merchants and storekeepers are of Indian or Arab descent.’
    • ‘Michael ran to the storekeeper and had him pack the snow globe, keeping the price tag separate, but hidden.’
    • ‘She turned around slowly, and saw a couple of guards talking to a storekeeper.’
    • ‘Javier was summoning the storekeeper, a young man with a shock of black hair and white skin who was smoking behind the counter, when his gaze fell upon a pile of cassettes stacked haphazardly on top of the glass.’
    • ‘They often had to translate or explain things to their parents, argue for their parents with English-speaking storekeepers, and in general become more knowledgeable and confident than their parents.’
    • ‘Before then, farmers ran diversified farms because they wanted a sufficiency, wanted to produce enough to feed their families and to swap with neighbors and storekeepers for what they could not grow or make.’
    • ‘On the streets, local gangs pressurise storekeepers to pay protection money on a daily, rather than weekly, basis.’
    • ‘Like so many storekeepers, Thomas feels his watch shop would be a safer place if he had a gun with which to fend off armed robbers.’
    • ‘I asked the storekeepers to either side where I might find him, but neither knew.’
    • ‘He was making a living as a storekeeper in Oxford, and he had purchased a small farm a few miles outside of town.’
    seller, salesperson, salesman, saleswoman, dealer, trader, tradesman, retailer, shopkeeper, shopman, shop girl, shop boy, sales assistant, assistant, wholesaler, merchant, trafficker, purveyor, supplier, stockist, marketer, marketeer, sales representative, door-to-door salesman, travelling salesman, commercial traveller
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  • 2A person responsible for stored goods.

    • ‘The major ended his days as a storekeeper in a London factory after being relieved of command of the Polish Parachute Brigade after the disastrous Operation Market Garden during the Second World War.’
    • ‘Industrial workers consist of operatives, maintenance workers, storekeepers, packers, cleaners, basic supervisory staff and apprentices.’
    • ‘The army of typists, filing clerks, cashiers, accountants, storekeepers, and drivers had a low level of education, were inefficient, reluctant to take initiative, and imbued with an ethos of red tape and routinism.’
    • ‘He had previously worked for British Rail as a storekeeper in Swindon and was employed as a packer in December 2002.’
    • ‘He specialized as a storekeeper in the air cargo unit.’
    • ‘With increasing pressure on his time, he passed over the day to day responsibilities to one of his ablest and most enthusiastic assistants, the former storekeeper of the hospital.’
    • ‘All junior workers, including cooks, laundry hands, storekeepers, clerks and other non-medical junior staff are involved in the strike.’
    • ‘She is unique to me in that she always dresses so ‘man-ish’, works as a storekeeper in a large industrial part of town, driving a forklift and loading huge boxes onto trucks for hours.’
    • ‘Some 1,400 printing workers at the printing company went on strike on August 27 to demand reinstatement of a company storekeeper.’
    • ‘Tim was a storekeeper on the fast frigate USS Wadsworth.’