Definition of storefront in US English:



North American
  • 1The facade of a store.

    • ‘Your storefront is your window to the world.’
    • ‘These storefronts, walkways, fountains, and so on, have the potential to contribute greatly to the overall beauty of our city.’
    • ‘Aluminum extrusions also enjoy wide use as frames for doors and windows and in storefronts.’
    • ‘The west and east entries have high, glazed storefronts facing busy streets.’
    • ‘My wife scanned the storefronts as I turned into unfamiliar streets.’
    • ‘On Lisbon Street, once downtown's main commercial avenue, boarded-up storefronts sit next to adult bookstores and darkened bars.’
    • ‘Using the cheapest of disposable cameras, she looks into storefronts and windshields, overlapping interior details as seen through the glass with images caught in the reflection.’
    • ‘The architects approached the design by thinking of the store as having two facades: the exterior storefront and the interior wall.’
    • ‘To invest such a massive amount of time, money and effort into an online presence and not ensuring it can be found is like constructing a storefront without any doors.’
    • ‘We see a busy street with the familiar storefronts of American fast food chains which, upon closer inspection, have signs in the windows in Greek.’
    • ‘He passed a lamp shop, the storefront all lit up, lamps hanging in the window.’
    • ‘As he opened the door of the truck, Ian glanced up at the storefront.’
    • ‘Instantly shopkeepers yanked corrugated metal doors down over their storefronts.’
    • ‘The town's mercantile district featured several boarded up storefronts and a coffee shop hidden behind a dozen muddy pick-up trucks.’
    • ‘She banged on doors and storefronts but there was no one to respond to her cries.’
    • ‘Across the windows of the storefront, Mr. Stolowitz had lettered FREE SHOES in huge strokes of brown latex paint.’
    • ‘To and from that church, the marchers passed by Bethlehem's chic new storefronts, luxury hotels and stone-paved public squares only recently built or renovated for millennium celebrations.’
    • ‘Most of the storefronts along First Street have a kind of weather-beaten Alaskan charm that is both friendly and hopeful, much like the people who live here.’
    • ‘Groups of 100 to 1,000 would congregate outside a Chinese laundry and launch a hail of rocks and stones to smash windows, storefronts, and doors.’
    • ‘And during the past 40 years, dozens of struggling businesses shuttered their storefronts, leaving downtown streets deserted and a majority of buildings abandoned.’
  • 2A room or set of rooms facing the street on the ground floor of a commercial building, typically used as a store.

    as modifier ‘a bright storefront eatery’
    • ‘Its weathered Main Street storefront location houses three gallery spaces that typically feature both a local or regional artist and a group show, many of which fall into the realm of outsider art.’
    • ‘Small companies in Brooklyn have been pretty much restricted to storefronts and church basements.’
    • ‘Lining its streets are storefront retailers selling ethnic foods, jewelry, and clothes.’
    • ‘The storefront has a warm and accessible beer house feel, and with the addition of big windows, the whole place has an atmosphere of openness and transparency.’
    • ‘The restaurant occupies a matchbox-size space among the storefront shops on Sullivan Street.’
    • ‘The urban project site, amid low-rise storefronts and mid-rise medical buildings, was definitely not a garden spot.’
    • ‘Cody had never been in this area of the city and he was amazed by the many storefronts that lined the street all crowded by people on their way to various locations.’
    • ‘They've recently opened a storefront on Centre Street North - no milling or baking at this site, but plenty of baked goods and free slices available.’
    • ‘Their home is one of an isolated clutch of doleful, boxy structures, their alimentary needs met by a tiny storefront shop, their streets unlit, even unpaved.’
    • ‘There was scarcely a trickle of street traffic on a recent Saturday afternoon, and no pedestrian in sight entering the handful of bars, the storefront church, or the thrift stores.’
    • ‘Most amenities are within walking distance, however, the amount of empty storefronts and junk shops is astounding.’
    • ‘In the late 1990s, city officials began to revitalize the area by renovating storefronts and encouraging the growth of local businesses, including restaurants and boutiques.’
    • ‘Over half of Commercial Drive storefronts, between Venables and Broadway, now sell food, either as restaurants, take-outs, bakeries, cafés, or convenience or produce stores.’
    • ‘Will you operate out of a storefront or office building?’
    • ‘He spent time in the coffee shops and storefronts, building relationships.’
    • ‘In the early 1990s, the city began to be discovered by gay and lesbian investors who were interested in the relatively cheap but architecturally worthy housing stock and vacant storefronts that were on offer.’
    • ‘This gave ample room for the platoon to train in more than 150 different types of buildings ranging from farmhouses and residential houses to commercial storefronts and walled compounds.’
    • ‘An adorable addition to the storefronts in the historic part of town, this little shop has matching clothes for dogs and owners, as well as gourmet foods, toys, etc.’
    • ‘I've joined a food co-op with a storefront on Agricola Street that aims to supply local and organic food at affordable prices.’
    • ‘The natural food markets of today are not the tiny storefronts of yesteryear, but full-service supermarkets, with vigorous competition among giant national chains.’