Definition of stopping point in US English:

stopping point


  • A point or place at which it is convenient to stop during a journey or activity.

    • ‘Summit Meadows Trail has scenic stopping points and benches with views.’
    • ‘The town of Santa Cruz, on La Palma, became a stopping point for the Spanish conquerors, traders, and missionaries on their way to the New World.’
    • ‘I would like to invite you to visit, should any of your upcoming signing tours make Buffalo a convenient stopping point.’
    • ‘When we got to the tall building that was our stopping point I couldn't help looking up at the structure to see how tall I was compared to it.’
    • ‘Once we reached that stopping point tonight he allowed us a break for water and the bathroom.’
    • ‘It was initially overshadowed by other Greek colonies in southern Italy such as Croton, although it had the best harbor on the south coast of Italy and was the natural stopping point for any ships sailing west from mainland Greece.’
    • ‘It was steep, so they made quite convenient stopping points for a breather.’
    • ‘This would be one of my stopping points when visiting San Francisco.’
    • ‘Jimmy's public house and grocery premises in Knockcroghery is a favourite stopping point for many people travelling to the Midlands and Dublin.’
    • ‘Exodus contains names of previously unknown places listed as stopping points for the escaping Israelites.’
    • ‘Some came to L.A. to escape persecution in their homelands; others because they had family in the city, often the first stopping point for immigrants from Mexico, the Middle East and the Pacific Rim.’
    • ‘Rainier has become a stopping point for recreational vessels traveling on the river.’
    • ‘Situated at the exit to the Straits of Malacca between Indonesia and the tip of Malaysia, the country was a natural stopping point on long voyages and quickly blossomed into an important port.’
    • ‘Other stopping points include the Shetlands and the Orkneys.’
    • ‘The first story line, which is to me by far the funniest, involves a young Japanese couple traveling to Memphis, as one stopping point on their tour of the shrines of rockabilly.’