Definition of stopband in US English:



  • A band of frequencies which are attenuated by a filter.

    • ‘The crystals were expected to have a stopband centering at around 4 m, which was verified in testing.’
    • ‘Unfortunately signal processing at the stopbands is prevented by the conventional systems, since phase tracking is not maintained between channels separated by the stopbands.’
    • ‘It shows that we have more than the minimum attenuation in both stopbands and less than the maximum ripple in the passband, so our filter design is a success.’
    • ‘Our products cover a wide frequency range with narrow to wide stopbands over low to medium power levels with the best performance to size ratio available.’
    • ‘The test's transmission characteristics showed a sharp resonance peak in the middle of the stopband extending from 1.44 m to 1.53 m, with a quality factor of 270.’