Definition of stop volley in US English:

stop volley


  • A volley played close to the net in which the player stops the ball without a forceful stroke, sending it just barely back over the net.

    • ‘The stop volley is an immediate point winner, for it must place the ball where the opponent cannot possibly reach it.’
    • ‘He plays a lunge stop volley which lands and spins back onto his side of the court.’
    • ‘The times to hit stop volleys are when your opponent is deep and has hit a shot at you that does not have too much pace or too little pace.’
    • ‘If the shot has very little pace and/or excessive backspin, the stop volley will probably drop into the net.’
    • ‘There was a beautiful stop volley, a shot so delicate that the ball barely seemed to contact the strings at all.’


stop volley

/stɑp ˈvɑli/